Hi! It’s me Bronwyn and I put the newport in pret-a-newporter.

Want to know more about Bronwyn Newport-Bradley: the Newport behind pret-a-NEWPORTer?!?

Bronwyn Newport-Bradley thrives on sourcing, wearing and complimenting others on the most unique and vivacious clothing, accessories and shoes!

Bronwyn's life long passion for learning has taken her to study fabrics, textures, architecture, history of design, styling, clothing construction and most importantly herself. Her driving thought is that when you look like the best version of yourself, you empower yourself to go out and be the best version of yourself. So, look around, grab some inspiration, or some laughs, and then drop us a line! We would love to hear from you about all things fashion, and also desire to work with you on your styling needs and wants.


HOW it started: My STory

Bronwyn believes wholeheartedly in waving your “freak flag” high, especially if it is rainbow, sequined or better yet… both! She feels clothing should make you feel like a rock-star, tell the world just enough about you to intrigue them, and inspire you to kick butt everyday at whatever you do!

Originally a Blossom addict, some of the best childhood pictures of her showcase a love of faux floral accessories, bucket hats and printed leggings! Through the years her tastes have refined, her wardrobe expanded, and her TV palette matured! Through all those changes one soul focus has remained the same: magnifying her spirit and enthusiasm through the artistic medium of clothing!

As such, Bronwyn can tell you (very specifically) what she was wearing on almost any given day. Her outfits are key pieces of the tapestry of life she weaves, and each morning she sets about to shine to the world who she is and how she is feeling that day. (For instance she really regrets the very plain, very unBronwyn-like blue dress she wore the day she met her now husband. Had she known she was going to meet/like/and then fall in love with him so much she absolutely would have worn a more interesting piece to that lunch!!)