Fall Fashion Recap

Some Fall 2018 Trends you know I am all about:

  • statement coats

  • busy prints

  • animal print—esp LEOPARD

  • red

  • plaid/tweed

  • jewel tones: esp unique blues, pinks, greens

  • western

  • shearling

  • 80’s/neon/futuristic (can that all be lumped into one thing?!?!?)

Today my Fall 2018 Fashion recap segment aired on Park City & Salt Lake City TV channels… did you catch it?!?

If not, I have added the video below…

While watching this morning I realized that while here in NYC for work and meetings I was wearing a plethora of all the trends I am had discussed in the segment and REALLY am loving this fall myself! That is truly one of the best things about the trends right now… so many of them can be layered to create more impact! As you get comfortable with an idea, or a new trend you begin to create endless outfit combinations by mixing the trends!

Today, I had on pinks/blues/allllll the jewel tones, animal print, tweed shoes, a busy print dress, and a statement coat!

All the as individual pieces are so fun, and will stand the test of longevity but together are such a fun juxtaposition against one another!

Here are some more of my fave pieces in the pink/blue/green/animal print vein: