Make Room For A New You

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.: -Carrie Bradshaw (Sex & the city)

When was the last time you cleaned out your closet?


What is it about the process of clearing the clutter in our lives that makes it so miserable?

It should be a simple exercise of culling out the pieces that no longer fit our bodies or our lives. A simple question of our tastes and bodies changing. As we grow and evolve it is GOOD to let things go that no longer serve us. Clarifying our needs, then simplifying our spaces is possible once we realize that sometimes we are hanging on to things that no longer bring us joy. Wait, not sure if this is a fashion or self-help post! Deep.

I have nothing to wear

The juxtaposition of a stuffed full closet and the notion that you have nothing to wear is definitely a girl thing.

When digging through your wardrobe starts to feel like it could cause an avalanche it is time to get serious and discard, discard, discard. Knowing you have something you want to wear but not knowing where to find it in a disorganized closet takes away the fun of getting dressed. Keep your closets organized and repeat the process of editing yearly. It is close to impossible to put together a cohesive (and fun) outfit if you don’t even know what you’ve got!

The challenge is deciding what to keep vs. get rid of. I start by sorting my clothing into three groups:

  1. What I Wear - anything you wear and currently love goes in this group. This should be your “no brainer” go to’s. Do you feel comfortable? DO you feel confident? Note when making this grouping if you have TONS of a certain item. Too many black pants? A denim pile sky high? Maybe you don’t get rid of those items now, but you can refrain from buying anything new in that category.

  2. What Needs Repair - Take clothes you love, but that need tailoring or cleaning, or even minor repairs into this group. If it has to be rebuilt, or you are waiting for yourself to be rebuilt don’t bother. When these pieces are ready you will feel like you’ve got all new pieces to play with!

  3. Time to Toss - This group is the hardest. While some will be easy (that too on sale but never right for you piece, the high school lore, trend color you never felt good in) others will be harder to part with. Deep breaths, and if you are a drinker, a nice glass of wine. I am not, so I promise myself if I aggressively scale back I can treat myself to a wish list item! If you aren’t wearing it, and can’t remember when you last did - it has to go. If you are worried about regretting an item take it out of your closet and store in a box. If you don’t go looking for it in six months, let it go Elsa. This group should also include clothes that don’t fit, that you don’t love enough, that go with nothing else in your wardrobe or that just aren’t you. Don’t think about keeping an outdated item hoping it comes back in style. If you are still holding onto it by the time it comes around again you’ll look like you haven’t bought new clothes in 25 years. Or you will have missed the refresh and new interpretation.

    Aaaaand, a freebie - even though I am writing this I am the worst at making cuts to my closet. I often think I will “need” a piece later. So, if you are really in love with an item, and have already tried the above “hiding” for six months, then I suggest trying it one more time. If you feel uncomfortable, awkward etc. it has to then go!

    I know how hard this process can be. But when we detox our closets it is a detox for the mind. Pondering why letting something go will typically remind us of an attachment to the past, or a fear about our future. I strive to live in the here and now. With a calm mindset that helps us create the life and wardrobe we dream of.

    Space is a luxury. In both your head and your closet. Try getting your wardrobe in order… it will lighten you load in life as well.