My husband and I felt so incredibly blessed that so many family and friends were willing to travel to come and celebrate our wedding day with us. To this end, we decided we wanted to be really selfish and make it a two day affair so that we would have plenty of time to spend quality time with every guest. I was worried, rightfully so, that on our wedding I would be nervous, excited, worried about all the details while trying to remember every moment and that I wouldn't have the wherewithal to "hang" with all our friends and enjoy their company.

On the Saturday before our wedding I hosted a small, ladies only brunch get together at my favorite store, Christian Louboutin. It benefited Project Heal, a charity I am very involved with. 

Since one of our first dates was to a baseball game, and a funny tale happened there that "brought us together" (and we are baseball nuts) we decided to have a UBER casual pre-party at AT&T park, where the San Francisco Giants play, on Saturday evening for all of our guests. We wanted our guests to have a very SF experience that weekend! I have to say, our wedding planner made sure every detail totally reflected our tastes, relationship history, love for each other and of course the city of San Francisco!


The grass lettering as our guests arrived at the stadium was one of my favorite touches!

When our guests arrived we had an intimate cocktail party set up in The Gotham Club above the outfield. My husband was a founding member of the club, and incredibly influential in getting it built. I loved the custom jerseys we had made for the wedding party, and the delish hors d'oeuvres! Notice all the food wrappers have the real fav couple on them - OUR DOGS FRANCIS AND CLAIRE!


After our guests all arrived and mingled, we escorted them down to the actual field, made sure they had custom Giants gear to keep them warm (SF is chilly!) and our wedding weekend officially kicked off!

food cart.jpg
dog wrappers.jpg

I REALLY adore this man! Look at that smile (below right)!!!

My husband thought he would be welcoming all of our guests, but little did her know that I had come to the ballpark earlier in the week to meet with one of the former players of the Giants team. Our whole wedding weekend, it was important to my husband and I to give back. We are so grateful for our lives, and each other that we wanted every aspect of our wedding to benefit the charities near and dear to our heart. Jeremy Affeldt was the pitcher at a crucial game in Todd and I meeting, and also has a wonderful charity. We were happy to donate to his charity, and encourage our guests to as well, since he was so generous to welcome our party to the park and introduce the other former players who would all make appearances!


We wanted our guests to really enjoy pieces of the city we love so much, so of course we had Beach Blanket Babylon attend and sing "I Left My Heart in SF"! We also had former players at the stadium to give tours, and help coach batting practice for all our friends!

After our guests had played and eaten we had a special surprise! Natasha Bedingfield performing on the visitors dugout! I can't say enough what a sweetheart she was to come and sing for us, and stay and hang until the wee hours of the morning! She is an incredible performer and friend!


As the evening got chillier fireplaces, smores, cotton candy, and both AT&T Parks’ famous hot chocolate and caramel corn and every other dessert under the sun came out!


Then it was time for another surprise! The Goo Goo Dolls! They performed on the Giants home dugout and were absolutely phenomenal! I had my first slow dance during a middle school dance with a boy to one of their songs, so it only seemed fitting they come and serenade me into celebrating marrying the love of my life!

goo wide shot.jpg

We then watched an amazing fireworks display over the bay. This was the most epic and fun pre-wedding celebration. We got to enjoy all of our friends and cruise into our wedding the next day tired, but so overjoyed!

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