Live A Colorful Life

“I see your true colors and that’s why I love you, so don’t be afraid to let them show… Your true colors, true colors are beautiful, like a rainbow”

-Cyndi Lauper

I will admit - I have never been a clothing-esque black-o-holic! I know most everyone has a love affair with dark clothing. It is easy to pair, flattering, and goes with anything/everywhere. No matter the weather, or the event.

Despite all the amazing attributes… I am going to encourage you, no beg you, WEAR COLORFUL CLOTHING!

Life is art, live yours in color!

I know all black garments are not the same… but do you really need another noir item? I would wager that black is your safety zone. I know it can be daunting to pursue wearing color! But moving past the monochromatic and enlivening our wardrobes with texture, accessories and colors prevents us from looking drab!

The best part? There are no absolute rules about color! Forget all the ones you’ve heard! Also, listen to this:

Everyone can wear every color.

It is the undertone and the intensity of hues that are important. Based on your coloring and the undertones of your skin there will be shades that work best. Mother nature (or your favorite hairstylist) has done a phenomenal job of coordinating your eyes, skin and hair to harmonize with each other. Now let’s find what works best for you!

I like to use:

Munsell Color Theory


Munsell Color Theory is a charting system that offers a logical yet precise formula for understanding the art and science behind color.

Selecting flattering colors for yourself has endless possibilities. All you need to focus on is keeping the undertone (blue or yellow) best suited for you. The undertone of a color is defined by the base of the color. For example: yellow (warm) or blue (cool). This is easy to remember: yellow/reds make me think of the WARMTH of the sun, whereas blue/purples are reminiscent of the COOL shadows or snow.

Now for an application based example: let’s say I am warm undertone… if I want to wear the color green I would be looking for a shade of green that is more yellow-green than blue-green. Make sense?

Once you have your undertone down to an art you can add the next layer: color clarity. Do you look your best in a bright or more subdued hue?!

Some examples for you to put into practice:

WARM UNDERTONES look best in:


  • GOLD







COOL UNDERTONES look best in:

  • NAVY






  • GREY

One last tip and then I want you off to try out new colors! Don’t be influenced by your emotional response to a color. Test it next to your face. The colors for you will enhance your skin, making it glow. Even the whites of your eyes will look whiter and clearer! Facial lines will be less obvious (whaaaa?!?! yes!). The colors not suited for you will be likewise obvious in the opposite way. They will drain you, and make you look tired. We don’t want it to happen, but the wrong color will make blemishes and dark circles more prominent.

Wearing color will not only lift your spirits, but like I said above underscore your individual beauty. Your whole wardrobe will make more sense when in flattering shades.

SO, go CRAZY, push past the dreary, old, overdone black, and live a more colorful sartorial life!