Wednesday Wants: 1/30/19 SLiC Superbowl Edition

The Superbowl is this Sunday!

And if you aren’t playing, you will absolutely want your outfit to be your win!

Here are some outfit tips to try for the big game!

Bolding flaunting your team's colors is the easiest way to go. A sweater and boyfriend jeans, or a cool sneaker or heel that shows support for either the Patriots or Rams.

Ensure maximum comfort on the couch in leggings and a great top... athleisure at it's finest.

A great pair of track pants, a unique sweatsuit or a logo-mania top is both fashion forward and a great homage to the athletic nature of the day, even if you're just their for the tailgating food!

Try a game-day take on the Canadian tuxedo and pair a denim jacket with great jeans - jazz it up with your team's colors on your top or kicks!

What to wear if you are a Patriots fan:

What to wear if you are a Rams fan:

What to wear if you are just here for the snacks and the Maroon 5/ Travis Scott concert: