Wednesday Wants: 1/30/19 Superbowl Outfits

Superbowl LII

The Superbowl is this weekend and I am so excited! My husband usually attends with his son, a long standing tradition, but this year we will be in Park City hosting friends to ski, eat and of course watch the game!

As always, I am super excited, mostly because it gives me an excuse to dress for a theme!! Also, my husband and I were lucky enough to be in Boston to watch the Patriots clench their Superbowl spot and it was SO exciting! I am def rooting for them this year, although I am amazed at what the young Rams team has accomplished thus far!

Even though we are not attending, we did think about it for a hot minute, and of course, that meant I already was dreaming up outfit ideas for Atlanta! Below are all my picks if I was heading there this weekend!

What are you wearing? Will you be watching from home? A friend’s? Or going to the main event?!?!

What I would wear if I was attending as a Patriots fan:

What I would wear if I was attending as a Rams fan:

What I would wear just going to hear the Maroon 5 and Travis Scott concert: