What to Wear: NBA Playoff Edition

If you follow along with me and my life at all, you know I LOVE SPORTS! Especially the NBA.

So, naturally dressing for games is a fav past time. Even more so, I love a great NBA Playoff/Finals outfit.

I think a courtside look is an integral part of my viewing enjoyment! I don’t really love college basketball, so come March my outfits are the Madness!

And it isn’t just me! Celebrities of all genres love to use courtside fandom as a way to express their sartorial choices. And the players themselves use their pre game walk ins, post game press conferences etc to show off their personalities too!

I typically go for at least one sports themed piece, something that represents the home team/city/state/mascot, and then something “Bronwyn”. I like to think I put as much effort into dressing for the games as the teams do playing in them… but that probably isn’t accurate!

Don’t look second string… take some tips from me!

If you are just starting out, or are shy about stealing focus from the players… start simple.

I love a denim on denim look. Try a lighter chambray shirt with dark denim in your favorite cut and a great shoe. Another fool proof idea is a black bottom, army green top and lots of gold jewelry. You can’t miss in a leather jacket, or a perfectly fitted blazer.

Currently, athleisure is having such a moment, so there are SO many fun options to choose from if you want to go the same route and include a sports theme into your look.

I also love a great, embellished sweatsuit (obviously you can see that from above).

And last but certainly not least you’ll never go wrong just simply incorporating the team colors, or some local flair… even if you are more of a jeans and t shirt kinda gal, or a leggings and a great sweater/tunic type, you can add jewelry, shoes or a fabulous bag in your home team shades and look ready to celebrate a victory!