Doing vs. Stagnating

Movement is key in learning to metaphorically kick some peach emojis!

An epiphany is a visceral understanding of something you already know.

Have you seen those memes on Instagram that say “ I was today years old when I realized/learned/figured out…”? They are always funny. Mostly, because the way the wording is written is humorous, and I enjoy me some wit. But also because WOW, they are almost always very obvious, life changing, life made easier, thoughts/ideas/concepts that make you inevitably think: HOW HAVE I LIVED THIS LONG WITHOUT KNOWING THEM?!?!?!? Amirite?

Cliches are cliches for a reason people. They work. They are true. They make sense. It is just up to you when you will hear with your heart, emotions, spirit, active part of your brain and have that AHA moment. So many times we are not in the right head space, frame of mind, place in life, willingness to listen to really HEAR what we need to KNOW.

Once an epiphany happens though, what next? You must MOVE. You must do, you must be better.

I have talked a lot in other posts about assessing yourself honestly, being brutally real about your mistakes and missteps, forgiveness for yourself and others etc… and now here we are. What if you have made note of the ways you want to be better? And apologized and attempted to full make restitution to yourself and others you have hurt? You’ve forgiven others and sought forgiveness where necessary now?

You must keep moving, moving through challenges. Never settle or become complacent in your progress. Here are a few suggestions for this new phase:

  • give bad habits an eviction notice

    • if you want to be on time - create a better relationship with time. treat it is a valuable and real commodity. Prioritize and focus on your efforts to be on time.

    • if you want to be a good decision maker - create a better relationship with your decision making process.

    • if you want to have good thoughts - create a better relationship with your thoughts. Don’t consume negative media, entertainment, humor, conversation. Don’t allow thoughts to take root. This was a huge one for me. I wanted to be a more honest, loving, “good” person, but I loved sarcasm, celebrity gossip and did find enjoyment in the schadenfreude of others. This was disingenuous to my goal and I had to stop. Cold turkey. Take in and let marinate in your brain, body and soul only what you want to put out.

    • If you want to do good - start doing good. Any small act to get going is a step in the right direction. Then keep it up, and keep at it. Momentum is key.

      ** TIP: If you make your decisions non-negotiable it will be easier to make them into a habit. Schedule them, commit to them, DO NOT allow yourself wiggle room, or an easy out.

  • breathe

    • breathe deeply and OFTEN

    • clear your mind

    • try meditation, yoga, candles, massage, nature walks, music - anything that works for you

    • learn to be present in the moment and connect with the energy you are looking to out put

  • hang out with the greats

    • immerse yourself in greatness

      • find people, books, ideas, communities, entertainment, roles that emulate the characteristics you are looking for - when it is all around you you will want to chime/jump in

    • the company you keep will dictate the future you have

  • set realistic goals

    • start small

    • set goals that are attainable, but outside of your comfort zone

    • remind yourself that discipline is a muscle

  • focus on your roadmap

    • to help with the above WRITE DOWN YOUR GOALS

    • READ THEM OUT LOUD — OFTEN! Yes, all caps! I am yelling. This part feels cheesy but works!

  • use your body

    • your mind can only go where your body goes

    • treat your body gently, kindly, lovingly

  • learn to ask for, and accept help

  • find your motivators and USE THEM

    • make a playlist of music that inspires or pumps you up

    • wear clothes that make you feel awesome - you know I LOVE this one

    • listen to motivational speakers/read self-help books/watch TED talks

    • find your rhythm and don’t be ashamed of it