Face the Sun

“Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.” Walt Whitman

I wore this amazing, yet OTT, outfit in Aspen for a fun event. Yes, fashion is fun. Events are fun. And both can be perceived as kind of frivolous. For me though, I love to source, and wear outfits that have a meaning, show a part of my personality or invoke joy in my life. This particular outfit hit the trifecta!

Many people find shadows kind of scary, or at least the metaphor for them. The are things that would bother you if you saw them, focused on them, or spent time there regularly. Many people would also agree they love the feeling of the sun on their face. Especially, if in this hypothetical scenario, it won’t cause sun damage! So, it is natural to have the expression to face the sun, not the shadows. To me, this is an optimistic saying. Optimism is important, well, because it isn’t all that fun NOT to be optimistic. And because, to be truly optimistic you must learn to not focus on the negative.

In life thought, there are negatives. In my life, there have been many of my own creation. It is unpleasant to admit, and even more unpleasant, but necessary to face those. However, I believe once you have faced them, attempted to fix them to the best of your ability, and then learned from them it is time to face the sun and a brighter future - pun intended, sorry!

Heliotropism is the solar tracking that sunflowers do. They literally turn to face the sun and follow it as it tracks across the sky.

Researchers have found that when sunflowers do this, the act of turning is actually created by different sides of the stem elongating at different times of the day. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS.

Different parts of us can grow, strengthen, learn, deepen… elongate as we strive to better ourselves and then face the sun in our own lives.

Even that view on positivity is positive. When we are faced with negatives in our lives, we can find solace in just the act of trying to move toward the positive!

Researchers have also found that sunflowers that were restricted and couldn’t move toward the sun decreased and had less leave and bloom area than those that could, eventually leading to their demise. Think about that, to survive and thrive, we must weather the challenges of our choices and circumstances. We must work and stretch to follow the positive in our life, even if it means repositioning and growing ourselves. Isn’t that beautiful?

Is it any wonder I fell in love with this outfit and had to have every piece, accessory etc? What a very bright, sunny (pun again, sorry) physical reminder of who I am striving to be on the inside.