There are so many exciting and stunning opportunities in my life, for which I feel so grateful. One, is the many times I get to meet, become friends with (if I am lucky and being my funniest self) , and later collaborate with a designer. I am always in awe of their talent, vision and creativity. It is something I wish I had more of, and work hard to develop in my life.

Rubin Singer is a designer I met in NY during a NYFW and fell in love with immediately. Rubin’s energy, passion, drive, humor and life story should absolutely be a documentary! He and I have become fast friends, travel buddies, and even better for me, he has created many fabulous pieces for me to wear.

You can read more about Rubin here, and see his work here. You guyyyyyyyyyyys he has created ensembles for Beyonce, Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, and so many others. I feel beyond blessed he deigns to create for little old me!!

My husband was going to be out of town for the SF MOMA Art Bash, so I asked Rubin to not only design a custom gown for me, but to be my date! I had the most incredible and inspiring time working with Rubin to develop the concept (as artsy and out there as possible) to match the theme of the event, and the charity behind it… we came up with this textured and holographic cocktail dress with the attached over skirt. Rubin pulling this dream together for me, and then showing up in a matching tuxedo is what all my dreams are made of!