Wednesday Wants: 9/4/19 NYFW 2019 Edition

I am gearing up to begin packing my bags for NYFW 2019… what an undertaking that packing always is! I always want to put together the best looks… but it is always tricky…

I want to be myself, but also look ahead to who I can be in the coming season. Change and evolution and continual progress is something I am big on. I want to be on trend, but we are literally looking ahead to the next trends and styles! I want to get a few more uses out of summer pieces I love, but NY in September could be fall weather or it could be too soon for new fall clothes, and we are viewing Spring collections! I want to feel authentic, but fashion week can def put you in the mindset of comparing to others and those around you. I love street style, and take so much inspiration from it, but never want to be overwhelmed or deterred from being ME by it.

So, can you see how many conflicting emotions I am juggling?!!?

That being said, here is what I am loving and buying for my upcoming week in NY! Or in some cases, what I wish I was buying!