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This is a website/online gathering area for everyone who wants to FASHION A LIFE THEY LOVE!

I love the company of others! I realized early on in life how important human connections are, the bonds that connect us from childhood to (my seemingly) old age are so special to me. Many of us share with friends our culture and life experiences ; through this sharing we fashion intimacy; especially through our conversations and clothes. Often those conversations themselves are sparked by the very clothes we wear!

I also love to share secrets! Listening and telling each other stories and to get and give advice. For me life is about the laughing, consoling, learning and bonding we do through conversations. Fashioning strong connections. In these moments I have discovered I am not alone. Talking about life, and how I and others get through it - and ENJOY it - and where someone bought their fabulous shoes (sometimes all in the same breath) is what I live for. Whether, like me, you live your life as a fashion statement, or, you just barely notice another’s outfit in passing - our clothing is a way of saying who we are, attracting friends, displaying our personalities and conveying to the world the image we have of ourselves.

I have a story. We all do. We all also have struggles. Our stories are the fabric of rich lives. Some days I wear sweats (though I wish it wasn’t ever the case). Some days I wear ball gowns (even if I don’t have somewhere to go!) and everything in between. The stories of who we all are are the seams that connect us one to each other. Our victories. Our disappointments. Our fears, our joys; each and every experience.

How do you see life? Most often I see it through the beauty of storytelling. I try and write my own story not only by looking in the mirror or at one’s outward appearance, but also by looking deep into souls and hearts. My favorite thing about a story is you never know where it is going. A story can change at any time - and to make those changes, everyone, me included, needs encouragement.

It is my hope that through telling my story, and telling it my favorite way - through personal anecdotes and a whole lot of expressive outfits and shoes, that you will hear the call to tell yours. What do you want to tell the world each day? Is there a way to awaken your inner voice and say a resounding YES to a reinvention or fresh start (in either clothing/attitude etc)?!?

I have chosen to FASHION A LIFE I LOVE, and to WEAR IT [as] WELL as possible. Fingers crossed that as I share my journey to becoming the woman I am today: sharing my outfits, my styling secrets, reflections, travels, and intimate stories that you will glean from my challenges and lessons (I mean, I used to wear lime green hush puppies!!)! I would never begin to tell you what to do, but hope that as an online girlfriend, cool/fun “Aunt”, or knowledgeable friend next door (via the world wide web) that you too will choose to live by your favorite design, rather than by default.

The world is my [and your runway]… let’s walk through life like it!

What You can Read Here:

  • all about events I have thrown, attended or that have to do with the fashion world

  • all about my outfits and where to find the same or similar pieces for your wardrobe

  • ways to work with me to help uncover the best version of yourself

  • aaaaaaaand in my blog section amidst the blog posts on shopping recommendations, and tips on travel/ing stylishly you will most importantly find these three topics that I am so excited to write about:

    Designing Your Life - posts about deciding on and implementing changes designed to help you craft a life you love from the inside out.

    Loving Your Life - topics like forgiving yourself, being your own hero, making a difference and finding your voice. All ways to love yourself and your life.

    Fashioning Your Life - in depth fashion related posts about confidence, color, fit, texture and staying true to your personal aesthetic

It would be irresponsible of me not to write and share these posts filled with all of the work (equal to the work on my wardrobe) that I have done to be as beautifully flamboyant on the inside as I dress on the outside! Blogs, social media etc. can be so inspiring and encouraging, or yet, so depressing as they incite in us a tendency to compare ourselves to others. I hope to present and encourage a balance of inner and outer style and grace. I am by no means an expert on any or everything presented here, but have logged lots of hours on both beautifying my clothing AND my character and want this to be a space where both are shared and discussed equally.


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