Here at pret-a-NEWPORTer I never put on a look JUST for a blog photo! These are outfits I really wore to work, pick up/drop off at my daughter’s school, out with my husband/friends to all our fav places (sports events and restaurants!) and def on our vacays all over the world! I hope these ensembles provide inspiration for all the places and days you get dressed for!

My style

Throughout my life I have made MANY style mistakes! In the interest of trying everything, and also not really knowing myself, I have absolutely waded into territory that wasn’t for me! Wide leg pants for example! As I learned to be confident and happy with my self (inside and out, warts and a small chest and all) I found my style naturally defining itself.

Once will preparing for a panel I would be interviewed on I tried to think through how I would explain my style in a concise yet intriguing way. I tried to get some clarity and good examples of what I would define MY style as.

I tried to write out, or at least think out a style statement. If you’ve read anything on this site, or have seen my instastories (@pretanewporter) you know being short and to the point isn’t my best skill! So, I actually ended up with a few style mantras instead!

  • My style defines my authentic self - this is open to change daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and sometimes even due to changing my outfit more than once in a day - hour by hour!

  • I look at my feelings and experiences as a compass to guide my fashion choices. Dressing for my life reflects the many complex emotions, hopes, dreams and feelings that make me who I am.

  • A good outfit = me, fully expressed.

I also came up with a few words that I feel encompass the “look” I am always striving to emulate.

  • playfulness

  • treasure

  • color, color, COLOR

  • prints

  • bold and bright

  • flourish

  • creativity

  • elegance

  • storytelling

  • celebration

  • joy

  • learning

For those of you looking for outfit ideas and style inspiration I have added tons of my past looks below. My belief is that outside of a wedding dress without it being your wedding day, there isn’t anything you can’t make work for any occasion! The past looks below have been worn a variety of places: my former offices, date nights, weekends, travels etc. My hope is that your takeaway from them all is to embrace more color, try new patterns and textures and push yourself to find your personal style and then go for it in an even bigger, bolder way!